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HOMICIDALS. One of the points that to be achieved by individual traders all over the world is consistency. Most of the traders who have long been on the market curriencies say "took no little measure of times (as well as no small fees for learned to Mr market) to achieve consistency in this bussines. There are many ways done to a consistency, they said again, one of which is made an ​​daily trading journal. Cause due to the journal that we made, we will know where are wrongs. Whether it's at when we opening position, or out of the postioned, or waiting for the unclear markets.

Therefore I made some notes in this week. And here are some notes I made from the results of my trading a week ago.

1. Always look bigmap, to see trends in price direction
2. Then compare it with the direction of price movement on daily moves.
3. I'll see if the price is retrace, on big trends, or in a reversal. If  already know it, that I will do first is to determine stop loss.
4.  Opening a position where I consider that if safe. Because I have determined stop loss :D

For this week I was only can hares 4 points above. Next week I would share again, especially how do I open a position in a place that better precision and greater profitable.

Hopefully I can find it quickly. Just pray for me. Happy Trading :D

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